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She looked up. Oops! Jasper. “Sorry,” Zee said. Sometimes he was soooo quiet—especially around girls—that it was easy to forget he was even there. Zee introduced her two newest friends to each other. “Hi,” Jasper said quickly. “Maths class is in the other direction. ” Zee promised. The girls began to search for their English room. “I like ❊ 32 your bag,” Zee told Chloe as they wove in and out of the other students. The body was a diamond pattern with black, green, and red squares. ” “You made it?

He picked up the tray and carried it into the kitchen. “Thanks again, Mrs. Carmichael. ” “You’re welcome, Jasper,” she said. ” Zee rolled her eyes. 51 ❊ ❊ ❊ ❊ That night, Zee laid out her clean uniform alongside a pair of multicolored striped tights. To top it off, she chose a necklace with a peace sign pendant that she’d made out of sparkly red beads. Then she put on her polka dot pajamas, pulled up her comforter, and sank into her pillow. ” Zee sprang out of bed like a bird out of a cuckoo clock.

I thought there was no assigned seating,” Zee said. ” Great. Another reminder that Zee was on the bottom rung of the upper-school ladder. She glared at her brother. Adam held his hands in the air. “Don’t blame me. ” “Just what I thought—the seniors are like chimps,” Zee said. “You’re weird,” Adam said. Then he pointed at the senior table. ” Oh no! That girl was Chloe, eating at the end of the forbidden table. Zee rushed over to get her. “Let’s sit over here,” she said, swooping in to save her new friend.

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