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The hot software of the rules of quantum mechanics to cryptography has resulted in a amazing new measurement in mystery communique. due to those new advancements, it truly is now attainable to build cryptographic communique structures which notice unau- unauthorized eavesdropping may still it take place, and which offer a warrantly of no eavesdropping may still it now not ensue.

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V. 2012 25 26 M. Zlatar et al. 1 Introduction In contempt of the great progress and development of various experimental techniques for studying the Jahn-Teller (JT) effect [1, 2], computational methods are necessary to understand the microscopic origin and to get deeper insight into the vibronic coupling effects. Traditional computational methods, can still be used even where non-adiabatic effects are important, if a perturbation approach is introduced to the Born-Oppenheimer approximation. This is possible if the adiabatic potential energy surface can be accurately determined, as in the case of Density Functional Theory (DFT).

The letter states: “University of Paris. Orsay, January 23 [1969], . Dear Dr Bersuker, We just discovered your note “On the Origin of Ferroelectricity in Perovskite type Crystals” published in Physics Letters (1. April 1966). From a completely different approach we came to conclusions which are similar to yours. You will find enclosed our publications on BaTiO3 and KNbO3 . . Sincerely Yours, R. Comes”. 45. Bersuker IB, Polinger VZ (1989) Vibronic interactions in molecules and crystals. Springer, Berlin 46.

Ehses KH, Bock H, Fischer K (1981) Ferroelectrics 37:507 30. Itoh K, Zeng LZ, Nakamura E, Mishima N (1985) Ferroelectrics 63:29 31. Muller KA (1986) Helv Phys Acta 59:874; In: Bishop AR (1986) Nonlinearity in condensed matter, Springer/Heidelberg, p 234 32. Hanske-Petitpierre O, Yacoby Y, Mustre de Leon J, Stern EA, Rehr JJ (1992) Phys Rev B 44:6700 33. Dougherty TP, Wiederrecht GP, Nelson KA, Garrett MH, Jensen HP, Warde C (1992) Science 258:770 34. Sicron N, Ravel B, Yacoby Y, Stern EA, Dogan F, Rehr JJ (1994) Phys Rev B 50:13168 35.

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