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By Karen Evans, Penny Fraser, Ian Taylor

ISBN-10: 0415138280

ISBN-13: 9780415138284

A story of 2 towns is a research of 2 significant towns, Manchester and Sheffield. Drawing at the paintings of significant theorists, the authors discover the standard lifestyles, making contributions to our figuring out of the defining actions of lifestyles.

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Of the manufacturing jobs lost, 70 per cent were in the North… More depressing still were the figures on investment—since 1979, the real value of manufacturing investment has fallen by 41 per cent in the North. (Dickinson 1990:76) This Northern employment catastrophe was played out, throughout the 1980s, against the background of a massive withdrawal of the institutions of the local and national state from earlier patterns of social provision and welfare (for example, in respect of public housing or income maintenance): one of the inescapable features of the everyday life in these Northern cities was the massive growth of street begging by the homeless (especially in Manchester).

THE QUESTION OF ‘THE QUALITY OF LIFE’ We noted early in our research that these matters (of variation in local urban culture) had become increasingly important in other social and political agendas—particularly those of the new, mobile middle class identified by, amongst others, Lash and Urry In both North America and Europe over the last ten to fifteen years, there has been a marked increase of interest in personal and social ‘lifestyle’ and ‘the quality of life’, very broadly conceived. 13 There is a new, very detailed and strategic, consumerist interest in all aspects of a locality, from its crime rates to its schools.

At every level in such social formations, individuals are left to adapt to the void in what was their working world, their identity, their community and their social life, but in particular local contexts. There is no doubt that the world Lash and Urry describe (and which Giddens assumes as the background for his thinking about high modernity) represents the ‘cutting edge’ in the current phase of capitalist development and transformation (Castells 1989). There are towns in this country (Cambridge, Swindon, Lancaster) where the essential or core economic activities have very rapidly been transformed in this direction, particularly in the last decade and a half, and where quite significant proportions of the population are now employed in high-technology service industries (cf.

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