Acoustics of long spaces : theory and design guidance by Jian Kang PDF

By Jian Kang

ISBN-10: 0727730134

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ISBN-10: 1661661661

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Acoustics is a massive drawback in lots of lengthy areas, similar to street or railway tunnels, underground/railway stations, corridors, concourses and concrete streets. the categorical difficulties of such irregularly formed areas, starting from noise toxins in streets and tunnels to terrible speech intelligibility of public deal with structures in railway stations will not be handled by means of vintage room acoustic theory.

This cutting-edge exposition of acoustics of lengthy areas offers the basics of acoustic idea and calculation formulae for lengthy areas in addition to giving guidance for functional layout

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A signi®cant feature of this application is that the reverberation, or in other words, the time factor, must be taken into account. This can substantially increase the computation time. e. elements) and replaces the patches and receivers with nodes in a network. The sound propagation in the room can then be simulated by energy exchange between the nodes. The energy moving between pairs of patches depends on a form factor, which is de®ned as the fraction of the sound energy di€usely emitted from one patch that arrives at the other by direct energy transport.

These include impulse response, sound distribution and decay process. The sound source can be a spark pulse or a small loudspeaker, and the receiver can be a small condenser microphone. Subjective testing can also be undertaken in relatively large models of 1 : 8 or 1 : 10 scale. Dry music or speech recorded in an anechoic chamber is played back in a scale model at an increased tape velocity and the recorded signal in the model is slowed down to be listened to over headphones. 33]. Water and light models have also been used to simulate acoustic phenomena since there are some common properties between sound waves, water waves and light waves.

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Acoustics of long spaces : theory and design guidance by Jian Kang

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