Adolescents and Morality by E M Eppel PDF

By E M Eppel

ISBN-10: 0203000447

ISBN-13: 9780203000441

ISBN-10: 041517659X

ISBN-13: 9780415176590

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He is up at 6 oâ clock running round the block and coming back he has a cold wash and gets ready for workâ ¦ His hair is never too long. He doesnâ t smoke, he doesnâ t drinkâ ¦. When he is 21 years old he would like to enter for Mr. ) â I would like to be 6â ² 2â ³ tall and well built but with a slim figure. ) â Iâ d like to be like Liz Taylor. She has a gorgeous figure and beautiful face plus unusual colour eyesâ ¦. ) â She has soft brown hair with lovely brown eyes which express many things. Her voice is like a nightingaleâ ¦.

Also I would like to be different, to have unorthodox ideas (those do not include immoral ideas) because I believe the world is too full of â copy catsâ . I would also like to be a little more cool-headed and not so flustered in life. I would like to be a little more imaginative, try to make more use of the few talents I may possibly possess instead of wasting my life away!!! I would like to be a more faithful personâ one way or the other. I admire both Kruschev and the Archbishop of Canterbury because they have found loyalty and faith even if it is to two completely different orders in life.

Further light is shed on this by a consideration of the sex of the models, and the incidental comments on relationships between the sexes and on the question of marriage. (i) Sex Roles Whilst all the boys choose people of their own sex, 7 of the < previous page page_134  < previous page page_135 Page 135 next page > next page > girls choose male subjects. Two of these girls wish to be like their fathers, and one like Adam Faith, not specifically for his masculinity, but because â he has a lovely personality and lots of people like himâ .

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