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The Pokot are also renowned for wearing the hair of their ancestors threaded into their own hair. Pokot men’s hairstyles are a sign of their status. When they pass into adulthood, the wear a blue skullcap called a siliop decorated with feathers. More feathers are added as the man becomes a more important figure in the tribe. Jewelry from Pots and Pans In East Africa, tribal jewelry is made from all sorts of common metal objects. The Pokot, the Nuer, and the Dinka wear brass jewelry, such as coiled bracelets, earrings, and lip plugs, made from telephone wire and cartridge cases.

The man on the left carries a troumbache, a saber with many curved blades. The loincloth worn by the woman (right) is decorated with shells and pieces of glass. Both men and women grease their bodies with ocher. 38 Africa p30-39 CH03 19/09/02 15:53 Page 39 EAST AFRICA wears a necklace made in the shape of horns. Deep horn-shaped cuts are made in his forehead, a painful process of scarification that he is expected to undergo bravely. This pattern of scars marks him out as a man. Dinka Corsets Lip Plates One painful form of body adornment is that of wearing lip plates, in which the lower lip is stretched out to an extreme degree.

The “white” people are those of Arab and Berber descent, who live primarily in the Sahel region. Islamic codes of dress—for example, the covering of women’s 45 Africa p40-49 CH04 19/09/02 16:01 Page 46 AFRICA bodies and the veiling of their faces—still persist here, although in some areas, women do not wear the veil. For men, Arabic turbans and robes are commonly worn. Tuareg men are particularly recognizable by their indigo-dyed, dark-blue clothing and the glittering indigo veil they always wear over the lower half of their faces.

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