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By P. Kebabian, et. al.,

Книга, посвященная деревообработке и столярному делу.

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A bla cksmith welded th e 5%-inch mortise bit to a worn- out felling axe . For ro ug h work, such as cleaning holes in fence posts . Length of head, 10% inches. 37 AMERICAN WOODWORKING • 38 TOOLS Some B a s i c T o o l s • 25 . Splitting and felling axes. Holtz axe (Holzaxt ) . Exclusively a P enn sylvania German eighteenth- and nineteenth-century splitt ing tool with heavy, wedge-sha ped head. Length of head, 6%. inch es. Right: "Yankee"-patte rn felling axe. Length of head , 7% inches. Both tools are hand forged.

DEVELOPMENT - - - -. OF TOOLS The determinati on of th e fun damental functions served by th e hand tool, as well as many of the basic design s, developed in pr ehistoric tim es. Certain ph ysical motions of th e hand, arm, and body are required to imp art physical force to striking, smoothing, abrading, and other acti ons of a tool on wood. After mill ennia of working with stone tools, th e motion patterns and ang les of applicati on of cutt ing edge to th e wood were quite clearl y understood by the Bronze and early Iron Ages.

T o th e south, th e anci ent city-state of M eroe, at th e bord er of southern E gypt and th e northern Sudan , Aouri shing fr om th e sixth century B. C . , becam e an ironproducing center. Iron form ations in th e neighboring sandstone hill s provided an accessibl e source for ores , and th e pr esence of six large mounds of slag at points in th e pr esent ruins of th e town show whe re furnaces were in operation. M eroe wa s a focal point fr om which knowledge of metalworkin g techniques was carr ied westw ard on th e African continent.

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