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By Benny K. C. Lo

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A center choice of varied state-of-the-art concepts for the iteration, expression, optimization, and characterization of recombinant antibodies. comfortably reproducible protocols for lead iteration diversity from the cloning of human immunoglobulin genes to the choice and new release of human recombinant antibodies by means of humanization methods, molecular demonstrate applied sciences and transgenic animals. strategies also are defined on restructuring antibody leads into monovalent, multivalent, and bispecific binding fragments for a large choice of in vivo purposes. cutting-edge applied sciences are defined for the characterization of antigen-binding affinity and specificity with novel purposes in radioimmunotargeting, melanoma immunotherapy, drug abuse, and proteomics.

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They are located at the following positions (numbering including the precursor region) in the C1, C2, or C5 region of gp120: Segment # Position # I II III IV V VI VII 4 to 14 23 to 30 44 to 50 225 to 231 261 to 267 269 to 282 538 to 545 Sequence WVTVYYGVPVW LFCASDA ACVPTDP PIPIHYC VQCTHGL PVVSTQLLL-NGSL ELYKYKVV Some of the adjacent residues occur more than 90% of the time. Furthermore, segments II and III and segments VI and V form disulfide bonds. Segment VI is only one residue away from segment V, and that residue is either K or R most of the time.

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